I have had the honor and privilege of knowing BJ. He has been a mentor, a sounding board, and a personal advisor for almost 2 decades.

He is far and away the most caring and genuine individual I have had the pleasure of knowing. We have discussed so many topics and he consistently has a great idea to help create a perfect solution.

Now that he has ventured out on his own, all I can say to a potential individual or group considering his services is two words: Do It!

I promise you will get far more than whatever you spend. You will have a resource probably for the rest of your life you can call on anytime. And quite quickly, he will get you or your organization on a track for achievable success.

It is with sincere affection and respect that I am happy to write this testimonial for BJ.

Edward Colandra – Marketing Solutions Consultant, ex-Marketing Program Director @ IBM

BJ is a passionate and knowledgeable career coach who works diligently to understand the unique needs of his clients. He seeks to allow the client to guide and direct where the coaching sessions should go, and spends the necessary time to make sure the techniques and lessons are fully developed such that solid insights for awareness and change can be realized. This is a value oriented approach that can layout a manageable path for continued growth and learning.

Kevin Kernhan - Sr. Vice President @ Toll Brothers

I've worked with Career Coaches on many occasions, most notably after earning my Bachelor's Degree, my Master's Degree, and my Doctoral Degree. Thus, I've learned from experience that some Career Coaches are better than others. I've also learned how to tell the difference.

During the time BJ Jhaveri and I worked together, he did several things that exceeded my expectations. Of these, four are particularly noteworthy:

1. Enthusiasm: BJ was always happy, even enthusiastic, to meet with me. He never left me feeling like I was "just one more thing he had to do."

2. Attentiveness: BJ insisted that we use video conferencing for all of our meetings. One of his reasons for doing this was so that he could pay close attention to my body language and vocal tone. This enabled him to better perceive my true interests, as well as offer detailed feedback during our interview role play sessions.

3. Accessibility: We only met once a week, yet BJ was available to me 24/7 for questions, advice, and guidance. This additional commitment ensured that I was fully prepared for all meetings, and could continue moving forward rather than constantly stopping-and-starting to clarify things I had either missed, or misunderstood.

4. Staying In-Touch: As we ended our final session together, BJ encouraged me to stay in-touch, particularly if I had any other questions or concerns. This encouragement led me to feel that I had in fact built a relationship, rather than simply concluded a business transaction.

Thank you BJ,

Dr. John Obenchain - Sr. Instructional Designer, Global Learning @ Colgate Palmolive

BJ was able to help me figure out the next steps in my career. Our sessions covered everything from what my perceived skillsets are to where my interests lie. BJ's unique way of interlacing personal experience and anecdotes not only helped me figure out where I wanted to go but also how to get there. BJ helped me with every step of process.

He was able to provide me insights on how to prepare for each stage of the interview process from application through offer. Even after our sessions were complete, BJ was there for me and offered advice and a non-biased view on things.

Justine Chang - Technology Product Manager

After contemplating the next step in my career path, I was fortunate enough to find BJ on LinkedIn ProFinder. Our coaching sessions broadened my awareness in terms of what hiring managers are looking for in a candidate and I learned how to prepare a script and success story for interviews. 

In addition, I gained valuable insight on how to address recruiters and headhunters in a favorable manner.

I am thankful to have worked with BJ as he is very supportive and the guidance he provided proved to be very successful.

Meredith Vinitsky - Ad Tech Professional

BJ is a professional Coach. With different tools and hands-on exercise, he helped me understand the different perspective and aspect of my day to day work life. He has experience in a variety of industries and he shares it generously that makes it simpler for mentees to relate and apply in their professional life. With his friendly attitude and ability to put feet in someones' shoes, you will get a coach, you can approach anytime without hesitation.

Prashant Gaikwad – Sr. Technical Program Manager

As a career coach, BJ walked me through a sequence of step toward preparing me for my upcoming interview. The experience was well structured and BJ was available for consult before, during and after the interviewing process. He is a great confidence builder, and he uncovered a few of my talents that led to the success of landing a great job!

James Leamon – Director, Medical Device Engineering

BJ’s coaching was the key factor in getting me pretty much all my projects in USA. He was able to give me personalized suggestions on how to improve my communication skills. His coaching helped me in overcoming my interview nervousness. I was able to explain my strengths and the unique value I offer to the prospective employer.

Ripal Barot - Software Developer

BJ is very good at grasping every possible knowledge area and excelling in each of them. His remarkable acumen in business matters, and his articulateness in presenting make him key contributor in team. I have been associated with him personally as well as professionally for 20 years; I would prefer to have him as friend as well as professional guide.

Umesh Lad - Project Management Consultant

BJ was truly a pleasure to work with. He was resourceful, knowledgeable with resume writing and gave me support and confidence in key areas in which I needed most. He is a detailed person and a true family man as well. I enjoyed working with him.

Christine Cesario – In Home Designer

I have known BJ since 2006. He has helped me to improve my communication skills. He is an intelligent and trustworthy person who genuinely cares about my career success. His ability to understand my unique skills and then coach me to develop my strengths was instrumental in my professional growth.

Bhautik Desai - Technical Architect

BJ has exceptional people management skills and excellent leadership qualities. His unmatched HR skills are evident when he brings in the person's strengths to fore, by meticulously analyzing the person's psychological zones. He constantly endeavors to be on top of his domain. BJ is also an excellent orator, motivational speaker and a great teacher.

Dhaval Mehta - Software QA Lead

BJ is someone I consider a trusted business partner. As the new CIO of Innovatix, I needed someone who could understand my needs, provide advice, and quickly return with effective solutions. BJ was that person for me. Over the years I've known him, BJ has proven himself dependable and reliable, and a person of the highest integrity. I look forward to working with BJ for many years to come.

Kevin Geoffroy - CIO @ Innovatix

Honest, to the point, and efficient. Highly recommend BJ.

Robert Frank - Chief Operating & Technology Officer @ Dynamic Therapeutic Services

I‘ve had pleasure knowing BJ Jhaveri for close to a year and he has been one of the most outstanding community members I came in contact with. BJ has graciously joined the IT Industry Advisory Council at the Edison Job Corps to support both staff and students with his technical knowledge. In this role he has selflessly donated many hours of service from conducting custom career readiness presentations, conducting mock – up interviews with the students and giving them the opportunity for job shadowing and internships. He has been also advocating for the program to the media and members of congress. BJ continues to provide his genuine support to youth that due to their socio-economic background often not have the access to explore their true potential. BJ’s professionalism is exemplary, and he promptly responds to inquiries and communicates clearly. This recommendation does not cover the extent of BJ’s dedication and volunteerism but gives a small glimpse of a man who simply does what is right.

Monika Pankiewicz – Business & Community Liaison

I have worked with BJ now for just over 6 months and have found him to be very detail oriented. He can be counted on to deliver on any project assigned. He is a forthright and honest person and I am very happy to be working with him.

Mark Koscin - Clinical Research Consultant

I had the privilege to work with BJ for about a year but some of the things what I learned from him during that phase has a long lasting impression. I would like to share one of the unique idea what you had shared with me related to marketing my profile. We always try to tune the resume and add as much details as possible and have a short cover letter. But attaching a short recorded video with the introduction and few lines about who I am and what impact I can make once hired adds a tremendous value to the profile. BJ provided creative ideas and insights during my job search and later on for my career growth. He is a consummate professional with proven competence in career coaching. During our interactions he demonstrated strong interpersonal and communication skills. I endorse him for career coaching and leadership development as I have gained immensely from his advice and valuable tips.

Kinjal Patel - Sr. Software Engineer

I was associated with BJ while I was doing consulting job for AK Systems from 2005 to 2007. From the moment you meet BJ, You would sure understand why he's so good with people; His unique way of conveying his message helped in quickly forming a powerful bond with me. BJ is one of the rare few people that really made a difference in my professional life as well as social one; I witnessed joyful transition while being with BJ's accompany and would love to work with him in future if any opportunity.

Nimesh Vadgama - Enterprise Architect