Guidesheets, Illustrations, Worksheets


 Worksheet on articulating achievements

Tips for interview day

 Guidesheet to prepare on actions and behaviors for interview day

Differentiators worksheet

Steps to pinpoint your Differentiators

Leadership styles guidesheet

Lists the different Leadership Styles. Describes the traits for each Leadership Style

Emotional intelligence illustration

Pictorial depiction of the various aspects of Emotional Intelligence.

Questions candidates could ask in an interview

Guidesheet on questions a candidate could ask interviewers

Success Story

Template for elaborating your accomplishments 

Checklist for effective delegation

Steps for delegating tasks to your team

Prioritization matrix illustration

Decision making tool on the basis of Cash-flow v/s Differentiation

Adapting your communication

Tips to adapt your communication style based on your Boss' behavior

Charting your professional relationships

Evaluate on these factors: 

Intimacy & Alignment