COACHING: Single/Multi session

  • Ascend to your next level: for those who are aiming to reach to their next-level/higher-position in their current organization 
  • Ascend to your next job: for those who are actively looking for their next job
  • Ace your job interviews
  • Expand your vision for exponential growth
  • Amplify your prominence in the market
  • Build your consulting practice
  • Communicate for high impact
  • Developing SMART goals
  • Enhance your emotional intelligence
  • Delegate effectively
  • Evaluate your work environment on: Accountability v/s Authority
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis
  • Adjust your work-style for enabling a high performing team
  • Enhance your professional relationships 
  • Improve your self-discipline
  • Maximize your eminence on social media
  • Network effectively for newer opportunities
  • Pinpointing your key differentiators
  • Enhance your personal wellness


* Identify your Leadership style 

* Assess your current level of effectiveness

* Collect 360-degree feedback

* Determine your growth areas 

* Develop a customized plan

* Plan actions for behavioral change 

* Monitor your behavioral changes 

* Reinforce your behavioral changes 

* Measure your leadership growth


For an organization to assist in transitioning recently terminated employees into suitable job opportunities in the external market. 


* Reducing healthcare benefit continuation cost

* Reducing unemployment insurance premium

* Enhancing your market reputation in the community

* Improving the morale of your remaining employees 


Developing a balanced score-card for: 

* Self-assessment

* Assessment by your seniors

* Assessment by your co-workers/peers

* Assessment by your direct reports


Part I - Developing the Recruiters’ training coursework: 

* Basic concepts of recruitment & the staffing life cycle

* Recruitment process, hiring & contract terms

* Learning job roles, terminology, writing job descriptions etc.

* Steps for recruitment, resume sourcing, criteria for shortlisting

* Recruitment tools 

Part II - Training the Recruiters:

* Tutoring the above coursework 

* Answering questions on the topics taught

* Clarifying difficult concepts 

* Guiding on the use of recruitment tools


Writing winning proposals for your client requirements & RFPs by:

* Formulating the proposal development action-plan

* Researching & compiling information from multiple sources

* Collaborating with subject matter experts 

* Developing a proposal matching the client’s need

Coaching and Consulting Services