Ascend to your next level: for those who are aiming to reach to a higher-position in their company

  • Pinpointing your key differentiators
  • Conducting a SWOT analysis and identifying gaps for next level 
  • Evaluating your work environment: Accountability v/s Authority
  • Identifying personality styles of people and adapting your communication for best outcomes
  • Communicating for high impact (role-play) 
  • Choosing initiatives with regards to ‘Let go or Pick up’
  • Maximizing your eminence on social media
  • Amplifying your prominence in the market
  • Preparing a ‘Weekly actions’ rating sheet
  • Evaluating your Leadership style in natural and stress mode 
  • Learning the science and art of delegating
  • Enhancing your professional relationships 
  • Adjusting your work-style for enabling a high performing team
  • Reflecting on triggers during various events and your response
  • Introspecting how your beliefs impact outcomes
  • Preparing your performance assessment criteria: self, coworker, subordinate, supervisor

Ascend to your next job: for those who are actively looking for their next job

  • Pinpointing your key differentiators
  • Identifying matching job roles 
  • Formulating a job search strategy
  • Articulating your achievements 
  • Retooling your Resume, Cover-letter, LinkedIn profile
  • Preparing your response for various interview questions 
  • Rehearsing how to ace your interviews 
  • Networking effectively for newer opportunities

Leadership Development

  • Identify your Leadership style 
  • Assess your current level of effectiveness
  • Collect 360-degree feedback
  • Determine your growth areas 
  • Develop a customized plan
  • Plan actions for behavioral change
  • Monitor your behavioral changes
  • Reinforce your behavioral changes 
  • Measure your leadership growth

360-degree Performance Assessment

Developing a balanced score-card for: 

  • Self-assessment
  • Assessment by your seniors
  • Assessment by your co-workers/peers
  • Assessment by your direct reports

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