Resume retooling guide

This video will walk you through the process of retooling your resume. It will help you illustrate your work experience & skills in an elegant manner, and highlight your unique strengths. The objective of retooling the resume is to maximize the response to your job applications and get requests for scheduling phone interviews.

Duration: 12 mins 4 secs

How to amplify your personal brand image

This video will explain the importance of amplifying your personal brand image. It will show some action steps for increasing your prominence in the market.
Duration: 53 seconds

How to build your Portfolio

It illustrates the components involved and the steps needed for building an impressive portfolio. This would help to grow your prominence in the market, showcase your previous successes, develop your brand image and credibility, enable conversations with other professionals.

Duration: 53 seconds

How to build your Emotional Intelligence

Sharing my video on ‘How to build your Emotional Intelligence’. Understanding the various aspects of Emotional Intelligence; and the benefits of building your Emotional Intelligence. Duration: 98 secs

How to Communicate Eloquently

Sharing my explainer video on ‘How to Communicate Eloquently’. It explains the communication types, purpose, modes, aspects, key competencies, etiquette & protocol.

Duration: 55 secs.

How to Create an Impressive LinkedIn Profile

Follow these tips to tell a compelling story about yourself online.  Could help you to: Develop your online network, Grow your prominence, Enhance your market image, Get new job opportunities, Increase online connections 

How to Create an Elegant Resume

Tips for creating a resume: general guidelines, guidelines for various sections, writing your work experience, highlighting achievements using CAR method 

How to Ace Your Job Interviews

Tips for preparing and rehearsing prior to your interviews.  Practice these steps to improve your likelihood of getting selected. 

6 Steps for Daily Living: Master Steps

Master Steps: Sharing a video on ‘6 steps for Daily Living’. Follow these steps to be the best version of yourself. Meditate  Affirm  Scribe  Time-Manage  Exercise  Read  

Ascend to your Next Level

Next Level Coaching: why would you need next level coaching and what does it consist of 

Yoga for Wellness (24 videos)

 Videos provide: 1. Benefits of doing this yoga pose 2. Step-by-step way of doing the pose 3. Video showing me doing the pose